"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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Re: "I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

I'm a little amazed at just how worked up people get about VF vs LCD. I'm as far from a P&S/Cameraphone upgrader as it gets, since I learned with MF and then AF film SLRs, and then have been shooting DSLRs almost since the beginning of the line and now use a pro body with a nice big viewfinder that is super-comfortable to shoot with, even with glasses on, and shoot through it almost every day, sometimes for many hours straight when shooting sports. When I use my µ4/3 body, though, I have no problem shooting with the LCD, and in fact I kind of like the "casual" feeling of shooting that way as a break from having a big heavy SLR to my eye all day. An LCD finder would be nice and maybe I'll buy one eventually, but it's not something I've ever really felt like I couldn't live without, and the built-in ones I've tried still feel artificial enough that I'm not sure I'd really choose them over the rear LCD except in specific situations where they have a clear edge. (Harsh lighting, tracking motion, etc.)

So I understand the arguments for an EVF, but I just wanted to make it clear that there are many of us who are anything but "kids who've never used a real camera" that don't mind composing with an LCD on a camera like this.

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