why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Ya, while there are those like you who would buy a $1500, (judging by the cost of the other specialty EMount lenses), 1.2 lens, most would not.

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How can you be so sure about this? Perhaps people coming from 'down below', from p&s wouldn't. Indeed, I have 2 friends who both bought a nex 5n with kit lens and never needed a second lens.

But what about the people that are looking at nex from 'above', for example pro's who are using an ff camera in their studio, but still would like to have a fast, smaller camera as a walk around setup. I remember Steve Huff being very very enthousiastic about the rx100 first and then the rx1: I'm sure he wouldnt use the rx100 for his studio work. Perhaps he would use the rx1, but I won't speak for him or others. I think the rx1 is mostly for serious photographers who want something to walk around with. Or people with a whole lot of money.

Anyway, if you are a pro and you can choose between a nikon d800 with a 85mm 1.2 lens and a nex with a 50mm 1.2 lens, I'm sure they would opt for the nex set. Not as their main camera, but as a backup/reserve setup. Or a walkaround setup.

Why do we always think from down below or from our own limited perspective? I'm sure if, somehow, sony would make a very expensive, but also an outstanding fast lens, which would be bigger than average, but still not as big as a fast ff lens, it would sell like cookies to many pros.

Again, I think the problem is that you dont understand that the nex line is not a pro line. IT is a consumer line. So sony provides consumer lenses. Not pro lenses. No matter how you try to see it, no matter how you put an hypothetical case of an hypothetical photographer that wants a nex with an hypothetical 1.2 lens, it is still not sonys customer.

That person can get a nice leica por 7k, and a nice 1.2 lens. An expensive leica one, or even a voiglander one for 1.4k. Or you can get that for the nex. It will be huge, it wont have stabilization nor autofocus, and it will cost you some money. And wont be supported by sony. If it works great, if not, that is not the manufacturer problem.

If you need a pro body with pro lenses, get a pro body with pro lenses. You dong get a Ford and complain that it doesnt drive as a Mercedez, right? Cause that would be silly, right? Why do the same in this case?

Well, again, how can you be so sure about this? Don't you think sony would like to win over those pro's too? Nex3 and nex5 might be consumer camera's but nex 7 is actually quite a bit above average. (Don't know about the 6 really).

If sony didn't want pros to buy into nex, then why did they make the 7? It would have been enough to just make the nex3 and nex5. I know the7 still isn't a leica, but I've heard many people say that the nex7 with the sony/zeiss 24 1.8, together more than 2000$ I believe, gets quite close to leica and in some regards is even better. Even if we mock the lunar hasselblad monstrosity, hasselblad chose the nex7 as their base model, not a fuji or a leica camera. The nex7 made quite a big impact in the pro world if I'm not mistaken.

Also, I remember a whole lot of people buying the 1000$ sony/zeiss 24mm lens, it was sold out for months.

And now that the 2 real zeiss lenses are coming a whole lot of people are getting ready to buy those. And are very excited about it.

I'm sure if sony would announce a zeiss/sony 1.2 50 or 60 lens for 2000$, it would sell like hotcakes, together with the new nex7x. Agreed, not to the average consumer, but to the more enthousiast/pro crowd. Sony would still make a whole lot of profit.

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