Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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Re: No FUD

ljfinger wrote:

Marcin 3M wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Marcin 3M wrote:

Adobe also stated at the beginning of CS6, that perpetual licenses for suites and point programs are going to be available in the future.

An they said nothing about the future of the LR beyond the version 5 for now now...

There are no plans for a CC version of Lightroom, and I'd say the likelihood of that has gone down, not up, since the announcement about the Creative Suite.

I could say, that You are lying. But I won't.

Do You have any evidence of this?

The LR product manager said so....

...about lr5.

Any statement about the future of LR perpetual licance after the LR5?

No, but there are no plans except that there will be an LR 6.

I'm not very familiar with advanced software developement and marketting planning, but I'm sure that the only "if" is in general reception of CC. At this point only Adobe knows, if there are plans for both Lr6 and/or LrCC, or only one of them.

I've seen some thoughts about LR+PS in CC, but no word about LR5+ as a perpetually licenced product.

LR5 will be perpetually licensed and all the dot releases will be free bug fix and camera support releases just as always.

I'll be obliged if You could kindly post a link to the statement of someone from Adobe regarding this subject.


Ok,this gives some knowledge. Thanks.

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