How do I calibrate both my iMac and NEC monitor?

Started May 14, 2013 | Questions thread
Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,608
Re: How do I calibrate both my iMac and NEC monitor?

The 'Photo' unit is fine.  You do not need to purchase any new hardware.

Yes.  the BasICColor software allows that.  Unfortunately, it's not a trivial purchase ($) but it's not 'bad'    There is also ColorEyes which does same thing.  I know w/ BasICColor, they have a 14 day trial so you could calibrate to your hearts content before spending the $

I have my iMac running at about 90-95 cd/m2

llchan wrote:


Thank you so much for your help. I'm so glad that you have the same set up as what I'm thinking of having.

Yes, I got ColorMunki Photo.  But I got it in 2009 and I think they've since released another version.  Anyway, it allows me to calibrate both the monitor and create printer profiles.

I didn't know about BasICColor.  With it, would I be able to dim this crazy iMac beyond the dimmest point I got now and achieve something like 120cd/m^2 or even lower?  Every time I calibrate my monitor, ColorMunki is telling me that the brightness is ~150cd/m^2, and that's the lowest my iMac allows.

Again, thank you very much for the information.


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