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How often have we seen posts complaining about noise levels, and the offending photos are underexposed? Or complaints about softness in photos where camera motion is evident? Or blown highlights in a shot taken in direct/harsh lighting conditions?

Yes and for people who aren't as experienced, the newer sensors might have covered up their mistakes. They normally allow higher ISO, have less noise and higher DR. They are more forgiving of mistakes. Like I said in my post, I was able to get nice images with slow film, it just was more difficult and less reliable. I care about the end results and have no pride in "Hey I did this with a old _____ camera".

This thread started out talking about how older Olympus models can still produce top notch photos. They can, and do, and will continue to do so. And many of them, in the hands of the right people, produce photos that are overall superior to many we see made by supposedly superior cameras.

Not questioning that, as most of it does boil down to the photographer. What I do question is when people pronounce this from a position that sounds like to me "I am so good, I have no use for those better sensors/cameras!".

An analogy that seems to parallel this was back when I used to do semi-competitive cycling. Many people focused on their bikes rather than their fitness. Yet a person in really great shape on a mediocre bike would crush people who weren't in shape on the highest end bikes. It doesn't mean that the mediocre bike wasn't limiting that person's performance.

Now if the person would be forced to do less training to own a nicer bike, that would be a bad tradeoff. But still, that cyclist would be better using a bike that was not limiting their performance, all things being equal.

also not everyone is going to be a great photographer, it's just how life works, if a better camera can improve the pictures for those of us who are less than perfect photographers then so be it, i welcome new better cameras with more megapixels e.t.c with open arms, i don't care if the photography elite look down on me......they aren't buying my gear

I concur right down the line with all three of you.  Some of my best photos came from 3 MP compacts, but more of my best came from 13 MP FF.  Time will tell how much difference, if any, the 20 MP FF I now use makes.  Myself, I'm thinking not much, but I will appreciate that "not much" when I get it.

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