I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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Re: I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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Aranea wrote:

If you hunt on ebay you can find minolta big beer can or the beer can for around $50. I got my bbc for $63 shipping included. I'll receive it on Tuesday and I can let you know how it is.

wow - is that right? I sold my BC for $160 about a year ago. What's happened to the prices of the old Minoltas?!

Nothing, really. I've got a Beercan for sale that I fully expect to get $150 for. Honestly, I'm curious to see if this is an actual BBC that she bought There can a lot of confusion between the different models if you don't know what to look for. I've seen plenty of Minoltas listed on ebay as Beercans, that were in fact later models. For her sake, I hope she just got a killer deal on a pretty great lens. Or, at least got the "New" version by mistake, which I actually prefer to the BBC.


First of all, I'm a he. No confusions there Aranea is a nick name I tend to se. It's the family name of spiders not to be confused with Arachnida, which is the order that has spiders (Aranea) and scorpions (Scorpionidae). I'm a bioloogist and that's where the nick comes from.

The seller had many photos of the lens. I compared them to the ones I can find on dyxum and other websites. As far as I can match the photos it's the bbc. The seller listed as 70-210 4.5, which is a cheaper lens. I asked him/her before bidding and he confirmed that he listed wrong and the one being sold was actually the lens in the photos. I think that it was listed with the wrong name kept the price low. Not many bidders.

The lens should arrive today or tomorrow. Somehow USPS took it to a wrong facility so now it has to come back to mine. I'll know for sure when I get it and can even post photos of the lens. If there is a problem I think I can claim that there was a problem with the listing and involve ebay.

Hahaha!! Sorry about that I think, for some reason, my dyslexic brain kept insisting that I was reading "andrea". Lol!

I really hope you end up with the Beercan. From what you said, it sounds like you asked the right questions and will end up with one heck of a deal! Looking forward to seeing what your impressions are.


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