Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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Re: No FUD

Graham Best wrote:

Why the FUD?

Adobe has made no mention of future LR being CC only. On the contrary, those in the know seem to think LR will always be a standalone product as is Elements.


I think it's too early to worry about future LRs, because some LR5 licenses will be perpetual - however, we need to remember that LR's heart is ACR, which contains all of the conversion and much of the editing engines. Adobe has not foreswarn forking the code in the future - it's not clear, for example, that anything associated with the blur remover that will be released as part of CC/CS will ever make it to a perpetually-licensed LR, and Adobe does another rendering process upgrade like it did with LR 4 (because it came in ACR) there's no guarantee it will be part of the "free" ACR updates. At some point in the future it may also become impractical for Adobe to release new camera support on two ACR platforms.

So there's no meat on these assurances.  Use LR until you can't, then decide.  Perhaps by that time Capture 1 will look more attractive, or the FreeWare universe will have evolved.

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