Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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Re: More of a, would I buy, if I needed it to begin with.

Marcin 3M wrote:

..., as starting with lr3 I've decided to make this software the main solution for archive managing. And now I'm in a point that allows me to jump into another program, because I'm not ready to accept paying for the CC for the rest of my life to posses the access to my database - if I have any reasonable choice.
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the idea of making any piece of software your "lifetime" solution sounds bad to me.  i use LR4 also but i use directory structure to organize too.  if LR were to disappear, i am hopeful another s/w will allow importing of filenames and tags and whatever.  $10 a month is a pretty good price given new versions are released yearly anyway.  in fact, i might even be more in favour of paying a monthly fee vs a larger outlay all at once.

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