why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Why doesn't Sony use smaller sensor surface advantage from NEX system to build f/1.2 35mm lens,  and 85mm f/1.4?

BEcause of

A-Target Audience

B-Real advantage not worth it.

A-The target audience of APS-C and DT lenses is consumer photographers. Not P&S, but not Advance amateurs or pros. A 1.2 lens would mean an expensive (and big) lens, and wont sell many of those.

B-In reality, a 1.2 isnt giving 1 stop of light compared to a 1.8. IT is giving less. This is the nature of digital sensors. The bigger the sensor, the more they can get from a 1.2. The smaller, the less. So, in fact, sony is not making not even 1.2 for FF. They are making 1.4 for FF, and 1.8 for DT/aps-c lenses.

even fuji recognizes it, point 2:


Ya, while there are those like you who would buy a $1500, (judging by the cost of the other specialty EMount lenses), 1.2 lens, most would not.

The point is that the nex line is not a pro line. It is a consumer line of cameras. And the lenses sony provides are consumer ones. Yes, they may provide more quality ones, but they will fill first the more consumer ones. They really dont care about very specialized lences. They dont give that much money. They care to sell a lot of the 1.8 primes. Hell, sony doesn't even provide a 1.2 for their more "pro" line, FF alpha, and people pretend it for the nex line?

So, those are the reasons. It is not a question of agreen or not. They are what they are, and that is what sony has been delivering. Complaining that they are not what someone expected, wont change the fact that they are what they are. A balanced cameras and lenses system. A very nice one for many reasons, but still, consumer one.

Also, someone talked about not been able to take a shot with a 1.8 and pretended 1.2 to manage the shot. If you cant get the shot at 1.8, I can asure you, you wont get it at 1.2. The gain in (real) light doesn't reach a stop, so if you couldn't achieve the needed shutter speed, you wont either with a 1.2. IS as simple as that. Physic's a bitch.

Agree with much of what you are saying.  If you really want a f1.2, there are plenty of Legacy lenses to be had.


Wining about Sony not making what YOU think they should is not going to help.  However on the flip side, be rude back does not help either.

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