why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

To prevent  a bigger misunderstanding: since I have posted my question about 2 months ago and since a few people answered that, I actually DO understand that a faster lens for nex woudn't be all that. It might be interesting, but also big and expensive and perhaps not that much of an improvement of what we have.

Still, like many things, I would like to learn from real experience, so if there would be a 1.2 nex lens, let's say for the sake of the argument, I might buy it and just try to see what it's worth to me. I hope I still have a long life to go, if I wouldn't like it, I wouldn't buy another lens like it again. But if I would like it, for some reason other than practicality, it would be my choice, right?

What I am going on about are those people who just react on a question like this without a sincere intent of helping the poster. I can imagine that if you are into photography for a few decades and if you rightaway see that a question like this doesn't make any sense or isn't well founded, that you go like: oh no, not again.

Well then, don't react. Go do something else. There are people who are sincerely willing to help and who know what the problem is about.

To the op:

For now your best bet would be to go for one of the 1.8 lenses with oss, either the 50 or the 35mm. Or you could opt for a workaround: a speedbooster or the laea2 adapter with a fast a-mount lens.

To answer your questionn directly: there exist a whole lot of fast lenses, also for apsc, but sony doesn't have one yet for nex. It might be economical problems or just priorities, in fact no one really knows the reason. Some day we might see a 1.4 or a 1.2 af lens for nex, or nex might die long before that. Let's hope it will be the first.

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