Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

Started May 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
DenWil Veteran Member • Posts: 3,338
More of a, would I buy, if I needed it to begin with.

Jim Hess wrote:

Absolutely!  It adds some nice features, and those features won't go away when/if Lightroom really does go subscription.  One question, have you read anywhere that Lightroom will only be available through the Creative Cloud?  Maybe I haven't read as much as you have, but I haven't seen that stated as yet.  At any rate, if everything does go to the CC that's OK.  I can still use my Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5.  It's not like anything new coming out is going to dramatically change the results.  I like what I can do now.  I don't plan to go to the CC.  I will upgrade Lightroom as long as I can.  And when that comes to an end I will either switch to something else or just be satisfied with what I have.


That is an intelligent, logical  reasonable response Jim and most assuredly not what the OP is looking for. Lol.

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