why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

I think the main reasons for not having this lens are simple:

First is demand. when Sony first came with the Nex the main argument was the size of the kit lens., so they came with smaller lenses with good quality and OSS

A second reason is the target group of the Nex. This is not the group that realy needs or wants this lens. Remember that a F1.2 lens will have very little DOF, making nice sharp pictures very difficult. In many pictures the tip of the nose and the ears will both be out of focus, the eyes me be just sharp.

Third reason is simple: price. A lens like that will cost a lot of the$$$. Just a small group is willing to pay that price. Look at th Nikon lens for their 1 serie cost about $900 and that is a lens with a tiny immage circle! Think what that lens will cost when it must have an APS immage circle.

Is a F1.2 lens doable for the Nex? Yes! But I think it would be wiser for Sony to fill some other gaps first, like a 80mm lens and a longer telezoom lens (like a 70-30mm), and a high quality, fast F2.8 standard zoom...And then they could start thinking of very fast lenses, wit prices that go sky high!

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