why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

S3ZAi wrote:

Here we go again.

I'm sure when sony makes that 1.2/1.4 lens, the ones most defensive now will be the first in line  to buy it.

Incorrect. To give you an example, I went from Minolta 50/1.7 to Sony 50/1.4 and decided to go with 35/1.8. You won't find me overly obsessed on this subject. I look at this issue with practicality in mind. Now, I did end up adding a fast 50mm for my NEX, but again, despite of having 50/1.4, 50/1.2. 58/1.2 etc for options, even 50/0.95, I went for 50/1.7 (Contax Zeiss).

50-60mm focal length, at f/2 or faster are plenty and cheap... a purpose this $900 lens for Nikon 1 is expected for.

Now, I must admit keeping hope for a faster (than f/2.8) 85mm lens for NEX. But, again, 85/2 would be sufficient.

Im too, crossing my fingers for a f1.8, or f2 for the 85mm. The Samsung Next cameras have a nice 85mm, that is relatively big (for these cameras) but doable. If it goes to 2.8, I already have the Alpha version (with LAEA2), but the OSS would be nice, but not as nice as a faster lens. Lets hope, lets wish, lets not complain!

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