why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

kcamacho11 wrote:

stan_pustylnik wrote:

Why doesn't Sony use smaller sensor surface advantage from NEX system to build f/1.2 35mm lens,  and 85mm f/1.4?

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Person is taking photos, not camera. When photograph is bad, it's because photographer doesn't know how to choose settings optimal to "own preferences". Then blames camera for bad IQ.
This is same as blaming car about arriving to wrong destination.

Totally unnecessary.

With the NEX cameras being so light in weight, and with their Antimotion Blur / Handhend Twilight modes where they take many exposures and combine them into one image, reducing blur and noise...a F1.2 lens is not necessary.....

F1.8 is plenty enough to be able to shoot in low light with the NEX cameras and get superb results.

Geez, the logic of the post goes like this: if I don't need something that means nobody needs it.

I've been hitting the limitation of Sony's low light capabilities all the time. Image stabilization and multi-frame stacking are just crutches not useful in many situations. To get to the same level as FF cameras, Sony should make lenses 1 stop faster. The equivalent of portrait 85/1.4 lens would be 57mm f/1.0. The equivalent of FF workhorses 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/2.8 in APS-C world are 16-47mm f/2 and 47-133mm f/2. Granted, these are not average consumer lenses, but it's really a minimum one needs for typical low light situations.

As far as I know, Sony is not planning to equip NEX line with fast lenses, it will keep positioning it as a "better P&S" for average consumer. Instead they are going to make A-mount mirrorless the flagship system with pro features and quality lenses.

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