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Re: EM6 Poll...

I just got mine yesterday so I'm mainly commenting on why I did buy it despite some deficiencies as well as some things I want better in general.

1. GPS GPS GPS!  I have two Sonys with GPS and do not want to go back to carrying a GPS thingy and merging the GPS info with the images.  Which reminds me, gotta go find the GPS thingy and charge batteries for it...

2. I love articulated screens!  Did I say LOVE?  Just do it like the Sony A77.  OK, if not that good, at LEAST allow it to be faced in to protect the screen and turn off display. Even my G1 is better.

3.  I always like lower noise, better low light performance, better high ISO performance.

4.  Sorry, even with my small hands the grip is lame.  Compare it to my G1 with a grip (OK, people with big hands complained, but it works for me).  My guess is they wanted to say how thin the camera is.  Of course a grip doesn't affect the thickness in use because you always have to have SOME lens.  If you must deliver with no grip for advertising purposes of the THIN THIN body, then include a grip like the JP grip in the package (like you now deliver a flash).  I'd get a JP grip but there aren't any.  As for the Olympus grip, I'd rather spend money on a lens.  I could buy as much as half a lens for that price and I'm always lusting after lenses.

5.  On the E-M5, why is the hump higher than the viewfinder?  This may be time to say I am not a fan of retro, but bought it anyway not because of.  So give us a flash instead.  I don't care that much about flash.  I do want a hot shoe, which I presume it will have.

I've only had it a day, so that's all I have to say.

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