I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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Re: I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

tjwaggoner wrote:

For what it's worth, Kurt Munger picks the sony 55-300 over the tamron 70-300.

Im still curious as to why you want rid of the 18-135 so bad. Is there something about you don't like?

The reason I want to get rid of it that it is useless to me. It is too short for the times I need a longer zoom. So, I am going to get a 55-300 or 70-300 to take care of that problem. So, it is left serving as the shorter end of the spectrum up to 50 or 70. I have not been thrilled with its indoor low light performance, and have observed the praise heaped upon faster lenses.

While I realize a 35 mm f1.8 prime would be the best option, the lack of zoom kills it for me RIGHT NOW. I am still too much of an amateur, and have too limited of a budget, to be messing around with 1-2 primes plus the bigger zoom, and frankly don't want to be swapping out lenses that often. So, for me getting a 16-50 or 17-50 with a constant f2.8 will, I think, substantially improve my ability to get the lower light shots and indoor action shots that the 18-135 only gets a fraction of the time.

I'm willing to swap between 2 lenses right now, as I can usually do that before I head off to the event of function in advance knowing what it will be and likely how far away I will be from the thing being photographed. I will probably spring for the sony 35 f1.8 around the holidays, and if I find myself liking that shooting style then I of course can re-evaluate the 17-50 lens.

So, in all this thought process, the 18-135 serves no real purpose and just overlaps with everything else. I have read enough on here that there is no good one lens solution, and my own limited experience has already confirmed that for me. So, I'm going with what I think (hope) will be an acceptable alternative of a 2 lens solution.

Hopefully that explains my logic!

I'm getting the Sigma 17-50 f2.8, and since I haven't seen any posts of pics with that lens on this forum I'll put some up. I'm also going to get the Tamron 70-300.

Thanks everyone, as always, for the great and varied advice as well as the spirited discussion. Always learn something here!

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