why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

DtEW wrote:

S3ZAi wrote:

it's just this whole: let's gang up  on people who ask questions mentality that seems to be prevalent here.

I found it hilarious that you start off your first reply to this thread with an accusation ("defensive") of vested interests...  and now that you find yourself in the severe minority with no arguments of substance ("they're being defensive, and will show themselves to be hypocrites when these lenses show up!")...

Now you characterize your embarrassing rout as others "ganging up on people who ask questions".

You should go back and consider who is being the rude aggressor, not to mention somebody wielding sh!tacular arguments.

You are mistaken about a whole lot of things. I have started a thread like this, and the exact same happened to me. I saw it happen to others too. Many times. When I saw the same thing happening here, what do you expect my reaction to be?

What I see is a whole lot of arguments and misrepresentations that miss the problem at hand. My arguments are not more 'sh!tacular' as you put it, than any other used here. Actually, I think it's the other way around.

Suddenly you show up, without previously having participated in the discussion, without presenting any new arguments. A fully irrational, emotional and childish response, but you expect to win this discussion in this way. I take my hat off to your utter silliness.

No, practicality is not the only criterium, I urge you to take a look how those big 85mm 1.2 nikon lenses sell. And those speedboosters. And try to respond without again using the practicality argument. With some sound thinking for example for a change?

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