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Re: Not intutive

Jim Cockfield wrote:

digital ed wrote:

malch wrote:

digital ed wrote:

When creating an account choose "Sign in without a Microsoft account." On next screen choose "Local account." On next screen fill in name, password and password hint. That is all there is to it.

Okay. These were definitely not presented options during first-time setup.

They were there for me when I did first time setup.

Logging in, setting up accounts, and many others things that first time users of Win 8 encounter are just not intuitive.

I thought this video that I watched for the first time recently was "right on", as it closes mirrors my first time figuring out how to even login to Win 8.

Perhaps MS changed it later (versus how it worked with the "Previews" that I tested), as I understand that simply pressing a key will get you to a login screen now.

But, I suspect that many users are still going to struggle trying to use their mouse to figure out what to click on to get to a login screen (not realizing that you need to scroll up from the bottom to get to the login part), and I didn't try to press anything on my keyboard when trying it (as that's just unintuitive compared to how you'd expect a modern OS to work).

Intuitive?  You've got to be joking.

When you see users that have decades of computer experience with a wide variety of operating systems having problems with basic issues trying to setup, login to, and use Win 8; that's a sign that Microsoft needs to "go back to the drawing board".

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I just do not get all this crying that the Win 8 GUI is not intuitive. Years ago when I started using the first Windows OS/GUI nothing was intuitive. We all learned quickly. When Apple came out with their first computer and OS, it was not intuitive, but we learned. By the way, I am a PC user and fumble around when today I have to use an Apple with their new GUIs. Very little intuitive for me in the Apple GUI. Same for Linux and I have built from MB up several Linux machines. I am not even going to mention Android tablets using ICS.

W/R to user name, what is not intuitive about plain English on the page? Unfortunately it takes a little personal thinking.

W/R to logon, it took me about 1 minute to figure out how to get to the logon. I just pushed the space bar.

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