Any interest in a line of Prime Landscape lenses?

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Re: Any interest in a line of Prime Landscape lenses?

Canyongazer wrote:

What I am speculating about is a new line of landscape lenses that will be a good match for the D800E and the  other monster MP camera that come down the line.

"Monster MP cameras" and mass production conventional lenses are increasingly becoming a mis-match for for each other:

1) Lower-cost consumer lenses have less optical quality control, and  Monster Pixel Cameras need more expensive precision.

2) As pixel density increases and size decreases, Micro lenses are themselves approaching diffraction limits.

3) Micro lenses have a limited angle in which they can accept a light ray, and this is already being exceeded at large apertures, so while more light enters the camera the sensors cant see it, and they cheat by increasing ISO, you will still get narrow depth of field but less light and IQ.

4) Different colours have different wave lengths, and large wave lengths like red will be diffracted before smaller blue / violet wave lengths, and the colours start to separate out from white light.

5) Diffraction is only affected by hole size and the wave length of the light concerned. Low quality apertures, lenses, centration could make the effect worse.

Apart from the speed advantage it is understandable why the D4 is not over pixelated.

Some inside the box folks think diffraction is an insurmountable problem.  They may be right but I hope not.

The above problems are all being worked on, for example micro lenses can be re-orientated, sensors that don't need micro lenses. But the laws of Physics cant change, but do we understand all the laws? that is the question.


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