24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Smaller sites equate to an often worse light gathering ability (which is why pinhead sensors are pretty crap compared to aps-c and then FF)

The 2.4 micron pixels of the RX100, for example, capture the same proportion of light that falls on them as the 6.25 micron pixels of the Canon 6D.

It's smaller sensors, not smaller pixels, that result in less light gathered for a given exposure.  That is, a FF sensor made of RX100 pixels would gather the exact same amount of light for a given exposure as it currently does.

I knew I could count on you Joe to help out...I was getting pretty tired

Actually, I love your show.  When you post, there's rarely anything for me to add.

Jessica and Megan called. They are wondering if you could kindly shrink their pixels down below the diffraction limit, and then recover every scintilla of the lost data using a combination of adaptive non-linear wavelet smoothing algorithms and multi-pass iterative deconvolution utilizing their point spread functions as guide for mapping the individualized variations in their Gaussian curves ? ...

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