OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

I strongly disagree with the statement about the build quality being different.

The PERCEIVED quality might be, as those are different cameras. The naturally tight controls of the my E-5 would be ill placed on my EM-5, as they would require different buttons. The small buttons on the EM-5 go with light controls.

Quality wise - build here, build there - they are both not perfect:

- The paint on my tank like sledgehammer like whatever like E-5 faded, revealing shiny metal, at all the edges, within an year (Olympus replaced all covers under warranty).

- The condenser on my E-5 onboard flash died with a loud pop (warranty).

- My E-5 memory card cover has popped open just by rubbing on my jacket, at least once (under heavy snow).

- The paint on my EM-5 faded... Guess The same way as on the E-5. Fixed under warranty, the same way.

- Screen on my EM-5 died under warranty.

Just as the E-5, the EM-5's build quality is second to none. Not the reliability, the build quality.

Proof ?

Just came back from vacation. Last Tuesday I spent a day at the waterpark, with heavy splashes all over the camera - no problem at all.

On Friday morning, I managed to dump the camera in the pool (4ft). Took me a good few seconds to retrieve it.

- Water in memory card compartment. A little.

- Water in the battery bay. Again - a little.

- Sensor area is dry. Lens<>camera seal held tight. The 12-50mm lens is an amazing little devil. I just wiped it, took it off, put it on my other m43 camera and it carried on working.

- Trashed the battery, resisted the urges to turn on the camera till yesterday morning. It works :D.

Still sleeping in a silica gel bed for another day or two, just to stay on the safe side, but all in all - it survived.

I would not, I repeat - NOT put the E-5 through the same test, but I doubt it would fare better. Neither do I think it will fare worse.

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