Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Please define "pixel peeping".

I would like to know just how YOU might define "pixel peeping".  Many folks are guilty of it, and many can't live without it.  Others put no stock in it at all.  Just how important is it when looking to purchase new gear?

In my opinion, this term is not intended to describe one or another way to judge the pictures taken by one or another camera...

since it IS perfectly valid to look at magnified pictures as required, in order to understand and compare different kinds of camera - or different lenses / zooms on the same camera. Things may be evident that way, which are not evident when looking at the overall picture, scaled to fit your screen size - for example, if the edges are noticeably less sharp than the centre, which is something which will affect many aspects of your pictures, this is easier to diagnose if you pixel-peep.

Pixel-peeping, though, is used to describe the error of paying attention only to such magnified views, and so, exaggerate their importance.

A 1:1 magnified extract from one camera may look very different than a 1:1 magnified extract from another camera, but this different look may be to do with how much you have to magnify in each case; it may be a spurious comparison IOW, which may present a different conclusion when you compare the whole pictures printed, or the whole pictures viewed on screen.

Pixel-peeping used as an insult, is an accusation of "not seeing the wood for the trees" - like a doctor who wanted to find out what was wrong with you ONLY by looking at microscope slides, without examining you otherwise.

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