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Re: Not quite the right question

ljfinger wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I would not consider these as examples that would apply to my question, as they display differences in operation (different framing as a result of being focal length limited).

This is exactly my point, however.  I buy equipment because I was focal length limited, or aperture limited, or high-ISO limited, or wide-angle limited, or AF-speed limited, or whatever, so that I can get the shots I want.  I don't buy better equipment to get better shots, as we passed that a while ago, for shots within the performance envelope of the equipment.  I buy to expand that envelope.

Good answer!  So, back to my original question, then:  what percent of photos are not taken or not posted because they are in that "expanded envelope"?  In other words, what percent of photos are in the envelope for the vast majority of people with basically any modern system?

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