Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Please define "pixel peeping".

BobT wrote:

I would like to know just how YOU might define "pixel peeping".  Many folks are guilty of it, and many can't live without it.  Others put no stock in it at all.  Just how important is it when looking to purchase new gear?

For me, pixel peeping is viewing an image at "actual pixels" or greater magnification.

For beginners: 
Images from a modern digital camera  that's set to its maximum resolution will have more resolution than a typical computer or HDTV screen can display.  When that image is displayed on the screen, the image is re-sized down so it can fit on the screen.

Viewing that image at actual pixels or greater (pixel peeping) will appear to magnify it on the screen so only a small portion of the image can be viewed.  The image has to be scrolled up/down or left/right to see the various portions.  At "actual pixel" viewing, deficiencies in the image can be seen more readily.

For instance, if an extraction is made from one image and pasted on another image, one can spend a lot of time trying to get the pasted image to be undetectable at the "pixel peeping" level.  Or one can get it good enough to be undetectable at the display level.


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