"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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Re: "I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

As the owner of an E-PL2, and having been thinking about an OMD since it came out, I am slightly in awe of the E-P5.

At least as good image quality as the OMD (I assume) in a more compact, less obtrusive size. The first camera that I have seen in a long time that, to me, is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Well that's just a bonus.

Screen vs built in EVF vs add on EVF? I bought the E-PL2 after thoroughly enjoying an E510 (for sale if anyone would like!). Thought I would start with the E-PL2 with no EVF. No problem at all. Actually found it more flexible for overhead or away from body shots than an EVF. More creative. Added on a VF2 when I was ready to do so. Probably use that about 50% of the time. Very happy that I got over the mental hang up of not always using an EVF. Presumably there are folk out there who still want to disappear under a black cape.

Just to further reveal my Luddite credentials, I actually like a built in flash. Don't use it that often, but when you need flash, you need it or there is no shot. For me, it's a higher priority than a built in EVF.

Price? OMD was £999 body only for much of its existence, it's lower now. Is the E-P5 outrageously expensive? No. Probably a bit pricey on release, no surprise there. If you feel it's too much, don't buy it, that isn't complicated. It will drop over time, but then you won't have had the pleasure of using a beautifully crafted device with a lovely control layout, terrific image quality and a gateway into a truly wonderful and growing quality, compact lens collection.

It certainly makes an E-PL5 look like pretty smart buy just at the moment.

Anyone like to buy an E-PL2?!


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