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Re: Not quite the right question

ljfinger wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

In your opinion, based on the photos you see posted here on DPR and elsewhere on the net, what percent of the photos would have had greater impact if they had been captured with better equipment?

Generally, I would be inclined to assume that, if they were presented here that they were taken with equipment capable of capturing those images.


The question for me is, how many images did you miss being able to take at all, or at a quality worth presenting, because of the limitations of the equipment you were using at the time.

Indeed I did not spell that out, and should have done so in the OP, as I did intend that to be considered in the answer to the question.

I generally don't buy better equipment so that I can get better pictures, I buy better equipment to get pictures I can't get without that better equipment.

Not great (Canon S3IS):

A little better (Canon SX50):

Much better (20D + 1,900mm focal length telescope):

I would not consider these as examples that would apply to my question, as they display differences in operation (different framing as a result of being focal length limited).

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