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Re: Follow-up question:

Dennis wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Mostly, though, the web just isn't demanding enough that better gear makes a difference any more.

If the situation were extended to include photos printed at the size that you feel most people print their photos (please specify), would your answer still be 20%?

Probably.  I through that in because your original question asked specifically about what we've seen online.

You thought correctly.  I followed up with a question about prints.

For all of us taken together, print is even less demanding, because most photos aren't printed and of those that are, most are printed small.  But ... because people don't print with any regularity (and certainly don't go around sharing their prints like in the past) I don't see other people's small prints.  What I do see are prints in coffee table books, the occasional gallery, Photoplus Expo and the like ... in other words, if you were to ask about what I see that's printed, then I think the gear is more likely to make a difference because a higher percentage of what's printed is big, fine art or commercial stuff.

Personally, I don't print a lot (mostly in photo books) and I've had great results in photo books and calendars from almost every camera I've used (though low light shots have improved with better gear), but when I do print, it's anywhere from 11x14 to 20x30 and there, I saw a difference going from 7-year old 6MP (APS-C) to 4-year old 12MP (APS-C), and at that point, I was happy.  Since then, it's been features that have driven camera/lens purchases, not image quality.

Thanks much for your replies!

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