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Twenty percent

Just throwing out a ballpark figure.

  • I'm counting camera/lens combos that can deliver shallow DOF as "better" (I know of regular people - non-photographers - who have upgraded to DSLRs just to get that out of focus background).
  • I've seen shots with ugly blown out highlights (blue skies with white blobs where there should be clouds) that would benefit from a camera that can record greater dynamic range.
  • And I'm guessing that a number of out of focus shots and poorly exposed shots could have been done by a camera that does Auto better. 

Mostly, though, the web just isn't demanding enough that better gear makes a difference any more.

Edit: your OP mentioned an entry level DSLR & kit lens versus something better.  In that case, I've seen sports photos and indoor action photos taken with slow zooms that would have benefited from a faster lens.  But mostly, the photos that would benefit from better gear were mostly shot with low end stuff - mobile phones or digicams.  Once you get into large sensor cameras of any kind, the benefit from better gear diminishes.

(I think the biggest impact comes from post processing - some people know how to adjust images for screen presentation and it shows).

- Dennis

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