"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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Re: "I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

E-P5 is an upgrade to the E-P3. E-P3 is 12MP low DR sensor technology that needed updating to remain competitive with the competition. That part's easy to understand.

E-P5 is now their flagship compact system camera.

Where he struggles is with a product line that includes E-P5 and E-M5. But it won't. E-M5 is approaching end of life. Olympus have already announced that they will address their FT (as opposed to mFT) issue, where people with a huge investment in the expensive and lovely SHG glass don't have a modern high performance sensor to attach it to.

These lenses are large and heavy, but severely restricted and very unbalanced on most mFT bodies. So expect the announcement to come in the shape of a new body. An E-M6 or E-M7:

  • Built in grip and EVF to provide better handling with larger glass
  • Optional add-on grips (including battery)
  • Weather sealing and robust construction
  • Refined IBIS
  • Native mFT lens support
  • Dedicated adapter for FT glass with high performance AF (CDAF and PDAF)
  • Latest features - Wifi, GPS, Focus Peaking, Phase detect, Electronic Shutter, etc.
  • Next iteration of the sensor technology
  • (Possibly - Built in in flash)

It will likely be a touch larger than the EM-5 and more expensive. Leaving the range as:

  • E-M6/7 - Hybrid FT / mFT System camera. Top of the range system camera.
  • E-P5 - Top of the range compact system camera.
  • E-PL5 - Midrange compact. Cheaper, fewer controls and (advanced) features
  • E-PM2 - Entry level compact. Smallest, cheapest, fewest controls and (advanced) features, most appealing to auto shooter.

Seems like a clear and feasible product range to me.


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