OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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So, when you said...

philosomatographer wrote:

OK, yeah, it's fun to think the E-5 has more detail and such, but silly sites like Dxo and DPR have to go and ruin everything!

It's fun to think that armchair reading of photography websites - instead of producing actual prints - is an important measure of reality, but then expert printers have to go and ruin everything

I have my prints made by one of the most respected labs in Johannesburg - and indeed the only one that can also still process my large-format slides (4x5 E6). For fun, I had them make 1.1m prints of these two images, jut to see what the four thirds system can do.

They were most impressed with the output, and almost refused to believe that these were produced by such a small and ageing sensor. You see, in a print this size, what matters as much is the abilities of the lens (and very careful processing to get the most out of that 12MP resolution - which is enough for most large prints). your OP:

The E-5 produces 1m-wide prints that easily put most other systems to shame for detail/contrast

Which systems, in particular, are you saying would have been "put to shame" had the above photos been taken with them?

For example, would the Canon 60D have been "put to shame"?  The Nikon D7000?  The Pentax K5?  The Sony NEX 7?  Or are we talking non-DSLR / mirrorless systems, since cell phones and compacts outnumber DSLRs by far?

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