Windows 8 shocker

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Re: You're making my point

digital ed wrote:

You have a choice and can set up to log in with a normal name. Don't know what the problem is.

Well, my copy insisted on an email address. It refused to accept a normal name and gave me no other choices.

Now, if you say there's an option to use a normal name, I can accept that one exists. However, such options are fairly useless if they cannot be easily found by a user with 40 years of computer experience.

The system gave me no hint that any other option was available -- I'd say it implied otherwise. So I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking for one.

In any event, it's done now so if one of you geniuses would care to explain to this moron in nice easy steps, how to change my user name from "" to "anonymouse" I'd be very grateful. It's pretty easy, right?

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