Any interest in a line of Prime Landscape lenses?

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Re: Whah?

"Whah?" back at ya.

You ask "Which lenses have best performance at f4?"  Answer: most of those w/ a maximum aperture of 1.4 to f 2.

You state: "Lenses do not usually have the best performance. wide open."

No kiddin'.  That is why I wrote in the first sentence "...most lenses hit peak performance when stopped two or three stops down from max."  Fast lenses designed for all around use suffer from diffraction at small apertures, ...  that was kinda the point of my post...a series of slow, specialty lenses designed to minimize diffraction .  How successful might that effort be? I don't know, just speculating. I've never designed a lens. You?

We really need to cut you some slack here, though. I see you have made over 7,000 (!) posts on DP. You can't be expected to do that plus read and comprehend the posts to which you are replying. Only so many hours in the day, no?

Slightly off topic, but your "...above f 4..."  You mean below f 4.  As you state, you are closing down the lens when going to a smaller aperture. There's enough confusion with beginning photographers as it is without this common error.  "Why is the number bigger as the hole gets smaller?" they ask.

F stops are not a measurement but rather a ratio...the ratio between the diameter of the aperture and focal length of the lens.

Thus, a 1" diameter aperture in a 2" (50mm) lens is f 2 (1:2)   A half inch hole is f 4(1:4 ratio)

That same half inch hole in a 100m (4" lens) will be f 8.

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