Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Aperture for MAC Users.......

You are exactly right about Aperture being the editing software of choice for MAC users. I am an amateur/hobbyist too and have come to this conclusion also. I have been a Photoshop user for longer than I can remember but since I am not a pro I am not going to subscribe to Adobe CC. I have looked at a number of other alternatives e.g. Capture One, DXO Optics, ACDSee, Pixelmator, and After Shot Pro. While most of these are relatively good alternatives I feel most comfortable with Aperture because of:

1) Excellent DAM

2) Wonderful set of adjustment tools available

3) Robust set of Brush-on adjustment features

4) Excellent print function

5) Book making function is excellent (the best I've seen)

6) Support of 3rd party plug-ins e.g. NIK, Topaz, OnOne, Portraiture, Portrait Professional, PT Lens

7) It marries nicely/smoothly with my Apple MacPro hardware setup

Are there some things I would like to see in Aperture, sure:

1) More robust noise reduction tool (I compensate with NIK or Topaz)

2) Gradient filters

3) Lens correction tool (I compensate with PT Lens plug-in)

4) Addition of more external editing choices in "Edit In" menue

While the above concerns me now I am sure that Apple will step up to the plate eventually (hoping sooner rather than later) and deliver an update to Aperture 4 which cares for all of these. I currently use Aperture in conjunction with the RAW converter Photo Ninja. It's just a wonderful combination allowing me to do more than 97% of the editing work that I do. I use Photoshop CS6 (whiich I will keep and use until I can't any longer) very sparingly now, usually for some masking and liquifying (which I do less and less of over the years).

Photoshop CS6 is undoubtedly the "800lb Gorilla" in the photo editing world and has been for a long time. With that said though others have made significant inroads in this process and many can more than hold their own in today's editing world. I also think that most photoshop users don't come near realizing the full capabilities of Photoshop (including me). Those that do are usually professionals, design artist and so forth. For them creative cloud may just represent a cost of doing business and I can understand that. But, for me the amateur/hobbyist, APERTURE/PHOTO NINJA is my editing way of choice.

Good luck to all in making your decisions relative to this whole issue. In the end decide what is right FOR YOU and pursue that course of action.

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