6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: Just printed 36 10RS (A4 sized) from 7D

120mm = 4.72 inches that is very small size. A4 size = 297 x 210 mm = 11.7 x 8.3 inches, still not big.  1" cameras such as Sony RX100 can produce beautiful A4 size prints and would not be much difference from 18mp APS-C at this size.

Print actually suppresses lots of noise and minor banding as well smear details.

abi170845 wrote:

I was at the print lab at lunch today, and printed 36 photos from 7D, 20 landscapes and 16 natural light portraits, I don't see any problem with noise, banding, etc. Printed on Fuji Pearl Super Glossy whatchamacall it paper just for the hell of it. I usually print 60mm x 90mm on Kodak Metallic Glossy paper so that I do not have to crop, I can print much larger up to 120mm with no problem. Once you print this big for landscape photos, there is no going back.

I shot the portrait photos at ISO 500 indoor natural light inside an abandoned building with tall windows and I don't see any noise at all on the printed photos. Some were even shot at ISO 800.  So the reason why I'm getting the 6D is not for the ISO or DR, it is because I want to use my 14mmL mk2 and the original Canon 15mm Fisheye in which I can only use FF to utilize the full potential of these two lenses, and the 135mm f2 for bokeh of course.

Quick note, every time I print, I have to sit with the guy to adjust the density setting for each photos to get exactly how I like them. Some of the sunset photos was too red and I had to dial down on the machine.  Some were +2 +1 ( the plus darkens the photos) and -1 and 0( the minus lightens the photos) the landscape photos were tricky, too light I lose the saturation and contrast especially if there is mackerel clouds, too dark then the foreground gets too dark eventhough i metered all the photos perfectly wiith GND and ReverseND.

So forget about all these noise baloney when shooting landscape at iso 100, 200 even 300 printen up to 120mm no problem with noise. And natural light indoor portrait up to 600 printed to A4 no problem, ziltch visible noise.

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