going full frame,,,just some silly questions...

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So you basically agree with me then...

Jostian wrote:

Spad16 wrote:

Just get a 6D, and sell the 550D. Once you’ve got the 6D you’ll never use it anyway.  I moved from 40D to 6D, and I don’t miss the crop camera in any way (I sold it) , birds and wildlife works great with the 6D, it’s much better than my 40D ever was. It's a true all-rounder.

Spend the money you save on better lenses.


6D is a fine camera for static subjects, but don't kid yourself into thinking you can photograph moving birds with an 11-point autofoucus system and 4 fps.

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Think you are the one foolinv yourself, the 6D hasn't got the fancy focus system like the 5D3 but it's focus system is still great, don't kid yourself, as the many many photos of birds in flight taken with it prove, true you'll get more keepers with the 5D3, but the 6D is also more that up to the task...

It sounds like you generally agree with me by making the statement that "you'll get more keepers with the 5D3"...

My point was exactly that.  The 6d is a fine camera for static subjects but it is not the best tool if you want to get consistently good results (rather than frustration) shooting moving birds.  Bear in mind here that it may also depend on what one considers a "keeper".  A lot of shots I see posted here that get good comments are shots that would go in my recycle bin.  Many are blurry and many lack good composition.

The blurry kingfisher posted in this thread is a prime example of that.  While it may be a special photo in the eyes of the shooter if it's the first time he ever photographed that species, it's still a photo that ends up in the recycle bin, and certainly not one that demonstrates that the camera can follow a moving subject with any consistency.

I did not say that the 6d is not capable of ever getting a decent BIF photo; you simply inferred that yourself.  My comment was intended to inject a bit of reality into the converstation since the OP specifically mentioned an intention to use the camera for birding.

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