Most expensive 1.4x TC ever.

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Slideshow Bob wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Slideshow Bob wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote

I don't for the life of me understand the bleating about the price of this lens.

Err, it's a camera lens. That costs £12000. It's one stop faster than the 100-400L, which costs £1100. It's one stop slower than the 400 f/2.8L, which costs £8500.

Err, get your facts right before you reply "Huh?" to me.

The 200-400/4 1.4x and the 400/2.8 are very nearly the same price, if you compare RRPs (i.e. apples with apples) - and I have never seen a thread bleating about the price of the 400/2.8.

400/2.8L II - $11,499 or ¥1,250,000

200-400L - $11,799 or ¥1,330,000

They also compare quite well with the launch price of the 400/2.8 MkI fourteen years ago in 1999, which was ¥1,140,000.

I bought a new BMW last year for less than twice the price of this lens!

My relatively humble 300/2.8L II cost more than my last two cars added together.

It really depends where you get prices from. Here in the U.K, the RRP of the 400 f/2.8 is £9999, £2k less than the 200-400 (not the same at all). The latest 500 f/4 has an RRP of £8999.

I'm in the UK too but I don't know of anywhere which lists the 'official' prices since Canon took them off the web site. It would be very surprising if the pattern of UK prices was any different from the rest of the world - it has never happened before.

People don't bleat about the 400 f/2.8 BECAUSE it's a f/2.8 lens. All else being equal, faster lenses cost more, not less.

Not when you're comparing a zoom with a prime. You can almost buy a 35L and a 50L together for the price of a 24-70L II, and they are fully two stops faster.

Actually I think the reason nobody bleats about the 400/2.8 price is that it's not on the radar of the bleaters, who are mostly (not exclusively, I know) people who would never buy any of these lenses anyway. It's a solid workhorse of interest only to people who will use it - it's not a 'glamour' lens. I notice the early whingeing about the 300/2.8L II price soon died down and now a LOT of people own them.

Interestingly, if you convert the U.K RRP to $US, you get $18300! Can I "bleat" about that? please?

You can, but don't forget the VAT. Also the price regime is different in the US, where the difference between list price and mature street price is less than in the UK.

I paid £4850 for my 300/2.8L II. Less VAT that's £4042, which is $6167 at today's rate on B&H price for the same lens is... $6799.

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