Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

MisterBG wrote:

T Evergreen wrote:

I had no problems buying Lightroom 4 from SnaggStuff.  I did have some reservations given the price, but got the license key the same day after paying and the activation code allowed me to register the product with Adobe.

Regarding After Shop Pro, despite all the clamor on the Corel forum about the development team being fired,  Corel not fixing bugs, etc., the latest update was issued April 4, 2013, so it's clear that Corel hasn't abandoned ASP.  At $60, it's quite good especially when you add all the free plugins available at  You can always download the trial version, add the plugins, and give it a spin.  It seems they're always running specials on ASP, so you likely can get it for less than the current $60 price.  If you already have Lightroom (or Paint Shop Pro), you qualify for the upgrade price of $50.

There is weakness in highlight recovery compares to LR4 as has been mentioned, even though the latest update claims to improve that capability.  Also, LR4 beats it hands down regarding removing purple fringing which can be problematic when using legacy lenses.  On the other hand, ASP has Auto Levels and Perfectly Clear, so you have a nice starting point in raw development.

When I click "Check for updates" on my copy of ASP it returns a message that says "You are running the latest version, no updates available"
My version is
Where is the April 4 2013 update located and will it open my EOS 6D files?
The most recent update I see on the Corel site is the one I have, dated December 2012.

Highlight recovery and chromatic aberration removal in LR 4 is vastly better than ASP.

MisterBG, sorry about the misinformation in my earlier post.  The last update from Corel for Aftershop Pro was in December 2012, not April of this year.   Thanks for point that out.

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