Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

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Re: Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

Creativity, unless you are talking purely technical recording.

I spent a big part of my life recording fracture surfaces in steel components. For that sort of thing it's IQ all the way. Absolutely no creativity allowed. 5x4 camera, fine grain film ...

For my own purposes, on the other hand, my favourite film was something called KodakRecording Film 2475. It had about 15 l/mm resolution and grain like mothballs -- a film of character. Using that made you concentrate on composition, on chiaroscuro, on mood.

In any art you need to be able to use the tools. Then you need to know how to use them. Creativity without technique is crippled, but an artist who is also a good technician can create the images, and hence evoke the reaction, that he/she imagines.

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Every photograph is an abstraction from reality.

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