I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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Re: I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

andycincy wrote:

Well alright then, not exactly the smashing start I hoped for.

So, the modified voting options are now:

Minolta BC 70--210

Minolta BBC 70-300

Sony 55-300new

Tamron 70-300  new

Should I offer cash for votes? Any input is appreciated! If you haven't used any of these, then no need to respond. Thanks!!

Wow, this went in some directions I didn't expect. So, here is what happened.

I had already ordered the Tamron 17-50 f.28 when I posted this, new but grey market on ebay. A big huge THANKS to the couple of posters that pointed out the noise of this lens when taking video. I didn't know about this. Found a couple of sample videos on youtube taken with this lens and started freaking out that I had made a huge mistake. Thankfully, the ebay seller allowed me to cancel the order, otherwise I would have eaten about $70 shipping the lens from and back to Japan when I returned it. PHEW.

So, I still have the Sony 18-135 but still plan to get rid of it so I can move to a 2 lens setup. I've narrowed the zoom lens down to the Sony 55-300 or the Tamron 70-300. The Tamron has that 4f versus the Sony's 4.5f, but someone made a good point about the lack of lens correction ever being added to the firmware for the Tamron lens. I just may flip a coin on this one.

For the below 70mm range, I was gritting my teeth to save up for the sony 16-50 f2.8 , but man that price hurts. I would keep the sony 18-135 until I could buy 16-50 for use below 70 mm.

However, I just stumbled across the Sigma 17-50 f2.8, which has HSM for fast and quiet auto focus. Anyone use this lens? I don't see much about Sigma lenses and am curious about that, as this one seems to have better features than the Tamron and has received some good reviews.

I will probably buy a Sony 35 f1.8 prime, but that will wait until later this year. For now I want to have no more than 2 good lenses that cover most normal needs, with the shorter lens being faster than what I currently have with the sony 18-135.

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