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Re: Begging the Question

dougster1979 wrote:

You seem to be trapped in a four thirds mantra. Theres nothing wrong with four thirds cameras. But there's nothing wrong with progression. If you have Olympus bodies and want to use them and buy second hand lenses, great. Why do you feel you have to justify it? Image quality has moved on, sensors have improved.

I might be trapped in a four thirds mantra. However I use Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic alongside Olympus gear. The camera bodies that impress me are the A77, K5ii, D7100 and E-5 (in the enthusiast bracket). I haven't shot with the G6, but have not used one in person so will reserve opinion on that one. Does that sound like I'm stuck in a four thirds mantra? You are correct, there is nothing wrong with four thirds, and there is huge progression within four thirds for people currently using say an E-520, E-330, E-1, or E-3. And what's wrong with buying second hand lenses? I don't feel I need to justify that decision.

Image quality has moved on, and sensors have improved. That doesn't make it a bad decision to upgrade to a sensor that is  better than the one someone is currently using, especially if the going price puts a more professional body in one's hands at the same time (noting of course that they want and value the professional features). Isn't there is more to buying a camera body than getting the newest sensor? If not, then I am stuck in a four thirds mantra. Must everyone come under derision for not buying the newest sensor? If so, I deserve to be put in my place. I guess I owe you thanks.



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