Did I wreck my flash?

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Re: Did I wreck my flash?

Sailor Blue wrote:

HansN46 wrote:

I put the batteries in my Metz 36 AF-5 the wrong way around. From that moment my flash doesn't work properly anymore on my two bodies (Nikon D5100 and D50). It seems it only flashes with maximum output and it doesn't synchronise shutter speed properly.

I read in the manual that putting the batteries the opposite way can harm the flash. So I guess I wrecked it.

I have two questions:

-Does anyone know if it's possible to repair it yourself? (Sending in is out of question for a flash of € 70, I assume. Although it's still within the warranty, but I did it wrong myself.)

Do NOT open the flash.  Hot-shoe flash units contain high voltage capacitors capable of delivering a lethal shock.  Unless you are specially trained, and I'm guessing you aren't, in how to deal with high voltage electronics you are trying to commit suicide if you open your flash.

Ok, as a former marine engineer I'm technically trained but definitely not in the field of high voltage flashes. That's the reason I ask it here.

Send in the flash, just don't say why it quit working.  Who knows, they may repair or replace it without out asking why it failed.  You have nothing to lose except the cost of the postage - a pretty good gamble.

-Could it be possible have done any harm to the electrical circuit of the hot shoe? (Both bodies function properly without flash and with the built-in flash, but it might have been affected the circuit nevertheless.)

Probably not but don't keep trying it with your cameras.

Well, I have done several times now because I didn't realize what was wrong actually. So far no damage occurred. I'll have to do an assignment coming thursday. Let's hope for the best.

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Thanks for advise. H.

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