How many cameras do you need?

Started May 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ray Sachs
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Need vs want/enjoy....

I only NEED one - it would probably be my OMD with a few lenses because that's the camera/system that's most versatile and with the best set of tradeoffs for me.

BUT, I love and enjoy having a variety of cameras to use. They're just fun. I love my X-Pro and the few lenses I have for that. And my favorites are the little fixed lens goodies that are the LEAST practical and most fun - the RX1 (or could have been X100s just as easily), and the Nikon Coolpix A, which are so handy, small, user friendly, and with just plain GREAT image quality.  And in my favorite focal lengths.

I don't NEED anything beyond my OMD, but I'd be really bummed to have just that. Variety is the spice of life goes the old saying. I find it as true of cameras as anything.


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