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Guy Parsons
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Pen for me.....

007peter wrote:

I'm more curious to see who among us would choose an E-P5 over E-M5.

For me any day, Pen over OM-D. I just don't use the viewfinders any more.

I wonder how many would actually BUY EP5 with their own money?

The E-P5 cost would stall me, I see much more value in the L series, hence my E-PL5. Anyway, there's nothing in the E-P5 specs that would make me update from E-PL5 despite any $$ issues.

That is the true measure of a camera success.  If E-P5 sells well, then Olympus is right.  If E-P5 doesn't sell well, then Thom is right.

Who cares about Thom? He's just another Internet commentator trying to get traffic. Sometimes interesting, sometimes wrong, plus how the heck can he be the voice of everybody? Some people do think differently to him, and surprise surprise, some people can think for themselves.

Regards..... Guy

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