OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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You shouldn't be making accusations

Just Having Fun wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

philosomatographer wrote:

The E-5 produces 1m-wide prints that easily put most other systems to shame for detail/contrast, and this will not change for as long as the camera works.

I assume that, by "most other systems", you are acknowledging that cell phones and compacts outnumber DSLRs by a massive margin.

The E-5 is a fine, solid camera, but all of Oly's great processing can't bring the that circa 2008 sensor into the present.

For fun, let's see how the E-5 compares to a "last year's model" P&S...

DxO doesn't measure detail/contrast.

As for resolution, here is what DPR says:

E-5: our chart are accurately described by the E-5 up to approximately 2600Lph

Actual quote:

Even in JPEG mode, all nine lines of our chart are accurately described by the E-5 up to approximately 2600Lph, which represents excellent performance.

From further up:

Considering its relatively modest pixel count,at ISO the E-5 is capable of describing an extraordinary amount of detail, both in JPEG and RAW files.

Year old P&S: The RX100 is capturing detail comfortably beyond 2600 lph

OK, yeah, it's fun to think the E-5 has more detail and such, but silly sites like Dxo and DPR have to go and ruin everything!

The RX100 has a higher pixel count, at 20.2 MPixels v 12.3 MPixel, but a smaller sensor.

What DPR actually said:

The RX100 is capturing detail comfortably beyond 2600 lph, which is the sort of figure you'd expect of a camera with 3648 vertical pixels.


Real-world tests, in which detail is often conveyed with more subtle tones, aren't quite as spectacular as this test chart result would suggest.

Now, why did you feel the need to lie by mis-quotation?  The E-5 is due for replacement and was using an older sensor when it was released, while the RX100 is a new (August 2012) high-end compact.  I don't see how they even relate, really.

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