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Re: E-M5 versus cheaper PENs

jim stirling wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

g_r_w wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

I can easily make an argument that the E-PL5 and EPM-2 have "features equal to or exceeding the E-M5".

The most important of these is RAW image quality, which is absolutely identical between the three cameras.

The E-PL5 and E-PM2 are smaller, lighter and cheaper than the E-M5, all of which are features in their favour. Weight and size are the most important features of M43 cameras - otherwise you might as well shoot DSLR.

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I wouldn't say that that was "easily".  I'd consider that a bit of a stretch and this is coming from someone who values portability very highly on their list.

You think that it is a "stretch" to argue that size and weight are important features of m43 cameras?

Mate, that's the main feature of the whole system!

I agree totally if you remove weight/size/portability from the equation there are far better alternatives , image quality , lens choice , C-AF etc. The absolute value of mFT is its image quality/ weight ratio in which you lose an acceptable  amount of image quality in exchange for saving a lot of weight and bulk.


I am double-checking what you are agreeing with:
1)  That size/weight/portability are key factors in moving into m43?  No argument here, never said otherwise... that's why I changed gear.


2) the EPL-5 and EPM-2 have features that equal or exceed the E-M5?

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