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Re: I think he makes some good points

mosswings wrote:

Uhmm...I'd state it a bit differently...he's wondering why Oly is making such fine distinctions in feature sets for no real reason.  And that I can see.

Actually I'll respond to this part further down.

So the EP5 reads somewhat like a stopgap camera between the EM5 and what's beyond, and both are as much a styling exercise as they are technological achievements.  From a practical standpoint, the form factor of the X-E1 has much more potential for the integration of potential improvements signalled by the EP5/VF4...a corner viewfinder has more room for that really big VF4 EVF exit pupil.

You could call it a stop gap or you could call it propagation of features into the line.  I suspect that the E-M6 will be priced to go head to head with the GH3 and so it won't sit at the EP-5 price point (or the original E-M5 price point), but higher, which means that the E-P5 will fill a gap.  It might not be what we want to hear, but it might be what happens.

We could also level the same criticisms at the DSLR mfrs...do we REALLY need 3 or 4 consumer DSLRs? Practically speaking, all we need is two - but $100 this way or that can win or lose a sale, so the manufacturers, strapped for sales, do what they can to frack the market to its maximum.

Agree, but to a lesser extend with Oly and Pany, since they have a smaller lineup.  Actually if I was to argue that one of the bodies had to go, it would be either the EPM-2 or EPL-5.  For the sake of less than $100 on most occasions and the difference of a tilt screen and a small amount of weight, there is not much to separate them.

What he writes in his break down is misleading:

  • E-PM2 — few external controls, fixed LCD — US$450 body
  • E-PL5 — more controls, tilting LCD — US$550 body
  • E-P5 — more controls, add WiFi — US$1000 body
    The difference between the EP-5 and EPL-5 is more than just "more controls" and Wi-Fi.  He's fully ignored 5 vs 2 axis IBIS, which is a MASSIVE difference.  Just check out a demo. The build is much better. And the a bunch of other features which have been listed ad nauseam before.
  • E-M5 — built in EVF instead of an option, weatherproof but no flash — US$1000 body

The EP-5 and E-M5 are different form factors for different users

Going back to the top.  If he'd have said this about the generation before when it looked like this:
- EPM-1: barebones model
- EPL-3: more controls, add tilt screen
- EP-3: more controls, add flash, subtract tilt screen (what? you're taking away the tilt screen on the top end model?)

If this article was about that, then I would have agreed... in fact, I did agree, last year I'm pretty sure I posted somewhere the same thing...

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