Fisheye defishing and comparing

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Re: Panini projection?

Anders W wrote:

Since the post mentions "general Panini", it is probably done by means of Hugin. The advantage of doing it that way rather than by Fisheye Hemi (which also uses Panini) is that you can vary the parameters so as to fit the individual image. For this reason, I prefer to do it with Hugin. I tried Fisheye Hemi but found that it wasn't much quicker and more restricted.

The best for me would be an LR plugin, but that isn't available at this point. I have to leave LR to do it, and since that's the case, I might as well go to Hugin as to Photoshop with Fisheye Hemi.

Having now tried both, I must agree that Hugin is more powerful but also must add the disclaimer that it is also more user unfriendly, as well.  It suffers from the all too-typical freeware failing: a complete lack of understanding on user interface design.  And the documentation stinks.

Fisheye Hemi may not be the all-in solution but for those looking for a 'point and click' solution to the defishing problem, it does a fine job under many circumstances.

Here is Hugin working on some images taken with the Rokinon 7.5mm on GX1:

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