X-Trans Moire Example

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Re: X-Trans Moire Example

dotborg wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

dotborg wrote:

The X-Trans filter pattern is nothing more than hype. If you look at the studio comparison shots, the X-E1 and X-Pro1 both show moiré where the Nikon D800E does not. Also, the sensor in the Olympus E-M5 holds more detail at lower ISOs.

With respect, the studio comparison shots aren't a good comparison of camera performance in real world use (at least for this). I actually see a lot more moire from the E-M5 than I ever do from the X-Pro1 or X100S. I'm afraid I don't agree on the detail either - there is much more detail in X-trans RAWs than in anything from my E-M5 or GH3.

That's not what I observed. By the time you process out all the artifacts introduced by the irregular color filter array pattern, you end up with an image that is softer and less detailed.

You don't own any of these cameras yet you have the expertise to disregard the positive experience of so many in this forum...what a troll you are!!

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