What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

A few users have raised the question whether we need any grouping at all, like the question higher up "Why on earth do you want to exclude people?"

The intention is definitely not to exclude anyone. The intention is to group people into as similar groups as possible.

If a Nikon shooter follows a Canon or Pentax forum, I'm sure one would find interesting posts we could learn from. The issue is that most of the posts in those forums are based on cameras I do not have. Therefore there is too much "junk" in those forums for me to spend time on. It is not junk for the people in those forums, but it is junk to me.

This is not a value statement. A Canon shooter following a Nikon forum would also find most posts pointless for his/her purpose. This post I am typing right now, is "junk" from many people's perspective.

There is definitely some truth to the statement 'the entire concept of stratifying forums based only "gear" and being linked to skill level is a ludicrous one.' Gear does not give skills and skills do not necessarily give you money to buy high end gear.

However, there is some correlation between the two. More beginners buy cheap cameras than expensive ones. If you look at the cameras of professional photographers at sport events, you are unlikely to see many D3200, even though that camera of course is able to take high quality photos.

The grouping I suggested in the OP is of course imperfect. However, I personally feel the current setup is not optimal. I would still like to see suggestions for improvements that would appeal to as many of us as possible.

So far, my vote goes to my own proposal, but I am very open to others.

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