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Re: Thom is right, rather have EM5 over EP5 with my hard earn $1000

007peter wrote:

I'm more curious to see who among us would choose an E-P5 over E-M5.  I wonder how many would actually BUY EP5 with their own money?  That is the true measure of a camera success.  If E-P5 sells well, then Olympus is right.  If E-P5 doesn't sell well, then Thom is right.

If I didn't already own an E-M5 and I could choose between the two today, I'd probably buy an EP-5 over the E-M5. I could probably live without an EVF of any sort for quite some time.

I use ND filters more than I use my EVF, so the extra leeway, with the 1/8000 and "low" ISO are probably going to be more useful. They might not replace ND filters, but that might be useful when I haven't brought them.

Basically, my goal with my m43 kit is to increase its portability without sacrificing too many of the features that I value. I prefer the form factor of the EP-5. It also has a rock solid build to boot.

Wi-Fi doesn't really add much for me at the moment. Could take or leave the picture sharing and wireless transfer. The geo-tagging doesn't really work the way I'd like it to. Remote touch shooting is cool for social situations, but it only works on iAuto.

I have an interval-o-meter already, but it would be nice to have the feature without the extra hardware.

The 2x2 control wheels are better than what's on the E-M5.

I suspect there would be some that would buy it based on form factor alone.

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